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The new solution processing and detection gear

July 2, 2013 Rochester, New York - as a provider of total solutions for gear machining Gleason bevel will launch a new series of advanced machines, tools , and global customer support services, covering all types of gear cutting Exhibition in 2013 gear machining process and a series of cylindrical gear machining and inspection of the whole process . The North American debut are:

Gleason 100PS powerful machine for scraping the cylinder diameter of 100 mm outside diameter and gear cutting up to 150 mm in internal gear machining can significantly improve the productivity and quality levels. The new 100PS engine combined with unique tools, cutting tools and strong scraping process technology can provide significant performance improvements for users, especially slotting , shaping, broaching processes such as extrusion and commonly used . For example , compared to the slotting process, the productivity 100PS engine can reach more than eight times .

Gleason scraping process quality level is more powerful than other soft gear machining process can be potentially used for " green" finishing process.

Furthermore , 100PS machine either manually or automatically can operate , and can be easily produced with a variety of peripheral devices to integrate the line , for any size and batch production is an ideal solution. This is one of a new series of Gleason PS strong scraping tools , can provide up to 700 mm in diameter workpiece model .

Gleason 300GMS gear machining analytical measurement systems : ? Can improve the overall detection auto transmission gear machining and other small gear cutting , gear cutting and non- cutting tool speed gear machining parts up to 45 %. The new GMS 300GMS is the latest test series models (available up to 3000 mm diameter gear machining models ) , specifically seeking more rapid and more economical solution to detect overall gear machining and non- gear machined parts for the automotive transmission gear machining plant requirements development . This is the first time in GMS version of Windows? 7 Gleason GAMATM 3.0 -based application software suite. GAMA 2.0 Like its predecessor , it can provide customers with a highly intuitive user interface , but also for the workpiece and cutting tool data input screen programming is also very simple. These features , combined with simple settings , the use of the network (. NET) control systems , and mobile optimization can make almost all the necessary gear cutting or overall detection gear cutting tool cycle time and Gleason GAMA running earlier versions or competing products relative a decrease of 45%.

300GMS also uses a new generation of Renishaw? ( Renishaw ) three-dimensional probe, machining and gear cutting tools for the machining of gears, especially small modulus gear processing the overall detection to provide maximum accuracy and flexibility.

300GMS installed a new operator workstation ergonomic layout and Gleason diagnostic module - both are designed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the various operators working in the detection phase .

Gleason diagnostic module will be placed under a lot of powerful tools for the operator's fingertips , including " weather station " that can be used to record temperature and humidity , as well as video phone , notepad and voice mail messaging , enabling users to capture video , for a specific programming problem description and send it over the network to other personnel within the customer organization or Gleason for support.

In addition , 300GMS and GMS family , like all systems , users can achieve a variety of inspection tasks , rather than just providing gear cutting geometry detection capabilities on a single platform , it also includes a surface finish and shape measurement even prism (CMM) measurement.

We will always stand visitors Gleason No. 423 introduced many other important products , technologies and services, including:

The industry's most complete solution for gear cutting tools . Gleason is the industry leader in providing almost all types of cutting tools supplier of all types and sizes of cylindrical gear and bevel gear cutting machining process . There will showcase advanced new bevel gear cutting tools, cutting and grinding can be straight , spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear manufacturing .

For cylindrical gear machining process , demonstrated in front of the visitors will have a full range of hobs, shovel tooth cutter , shaper cutters , chamfering , deburring tools, shaving cutters , honing tools, diamond coating and CBN grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheels and diamond dressing wheel dressing .

Advanced workholding solutions. In addition, Gleason also designs and manufactures a full range of quick change , no tools to install workpiece clamping device for bevel gear cutting , machining and non- cylindrical gears gear cutting machines. These systems include Gleason X-Pandisk? System that can automatically align workpieces weighing up to 2,000 kg , can be reduced by 70 % of the switching time , as well as Quick-Flex? Well as a wide range of quick-change workholding solutions can greatly reduce the processing time to switch up to 200 mm in diameter bevel gear cutting and machining of cylindrical gear required . Detection systems , providing precision Gleason Gleason LeCount? Bulging open core axis , accurate , easy to use, extremely fast positioning of various hole parts known.

Gleason Global Services . Gleason 's customers can rely on throughout the Americas , Europe and Asia more than 50 countries serving commissioner in 250 factory -trained , all-weather , all-round to provide after-sales service and support. One of the latest has Gleason connection (Gleason Connect?) " Remote Service " technology, allows service engineers Gleason anywhere in the world from the product quickly and economically identify, diagnose , repair and monitoring, in order to maximize reduce machine downtime .

Gleason 's mission is to become its global customers gear cutting overall solution provider. Gleason was developed gear cutting machine tools and related equipment , production and sales of world leaders. The company's products are used in cars , trucks , aircraft, agriculture, mining , wind energy , construction, heavy machine tools and marine industries, has a number of services in a variety of industrial equipment markets diverse customer base. Gleason are built in Rochester, New York , Illinois, Rockford , Dayton , Ohio , Germany , Munich and Ludwigsburg ,斯图登Switzerland , Bangalore, India , and Suzhou in China factory. Its sales and service offices throughout North and South America , Europe and Asia Pacific.