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Chain industry occupies a very important position, and slowly increasing market demand

In today's machinery industry, sprockets product as an important basis for transmission parts , which compared to the gear , the transmission can be characterized by its long-distance transmission . Sprocket products are widely applied in agriculture , construction , forestry , petrochemical , mining and other fields have applied , and now has become a very important industrial economy mechanical transmission products.

 With the development of China's machinery industry to grow, more and more people's lives exposed to a lot of advanced mechanized products to replace traditional processes. Drive more and more aspects of the design led the development of machinery industry. As an original sprocket drive occupies a very important position .

 Without prejudice to the sprocket ratio thus for long-distance transmission , the transmission performance is more reliable. Sprocket product is now in the national economy has become an indispensable foundation of mechanical transmission products.

 Chain development is not just behave , after many long-term development , standardization sprocket gradually retreat. To meet the needs of different aspects and different locations , the chain of non-standard products are widely used up slowly , the demand in the industry, the proportion of the chain gradually increase . Because it is not synchronized with the drive sprocket pulley drive strengths , but also teeth transmission reliability , so the entire drive sprocket products in the market will greatly enhance their development prospects are very optimistic.

 In the meantime , watch the whole industry chain development , market demand standard sprockets will gradually decline in the coming market, rather than the standard sprocket product demand will show a rising trend , and the share of the entire the chain 's market share will gradually increase , we can say the potential for non-standard chain sprockets markets throughout the very large market development prospects .

 And belt round the " future " is also limitless , it also has gear and sprocket drive characteristics, therefore , expects its market share trends will greatly enhance the presentation , has a very optimistic prospects and huge market potential. In short , non-standard sprockets and belt round development prospects in the market throughout the sprockets and other transmission parts are very broad.